Networks – The Internet, Packet Switching, Cloud & DNS


  1. What is the Internet? (page 20)
  2. How are the Internet and the World Wide Web different?
  3. What is a URL? Give an example (page 20)
  4. What is packet switching? (page 18) (Try to summarise this in 4 or 5 bullet points)
  5. What is ‘The Cloud’? (page 78 definition)
  6. Pros and Cons of ‘The Cloud’ (page 20)
  7. What is a Domain Name Server and what does it do? (Note: This came up in 2019 paper and was answered poorly by the vast majority of candidates)
  8. Briefly describe the steps that happen when you access a world wide web page through the internet…(the first step is done for you)
  • Load up web browser

Now please have a go at the Knowledge Check