Privacy Issues

Watch the video above that talks about this important topic when discussing Computer Science.

Its hard to keep information Private on the Internet (page 26)

Task 1: Under the heading above in you book, outline as many ways as possible that Computer Science can have an impact on privacy for example;

  • Many websites require users to provide personal information in order to set up a new account

Think about Social Media, new technologies like smart speakers and TVs, Video Streaming, Online Shopping etc

Task 2: Conduct some research to find a recent news article that involves Computer Science and Privacy. Explain this article using your own words in your exercise book. Be ready to feed this article back to the class!

Censorship and Surveillance (page 26)

What is Internet censorship? Give an example

What is Computer Surveillance? Give an example

Please read these terms and conditions for popular social media platforms!

Facebook T-Cs

Instagram T-Cs

Snapchat T-Cs

WhatsApp T-Cs

YouTube T-Cs