Legal Issues

You need to have an understanding of the following:

  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • Freedom of Information Act 2000
  • Computer Misuse Act 1990
  • Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
  • Creative Commons licensing

You need to be able to discuss issues and state whether these legislations/acts would be broken.

Lesson Tasks

Watch the video above and use your revision guide to help you put notes together in your book. These should include…

  • Data Protection Act 1998 (Its purpose, The 8 principles)
  • The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (Its purpose and requirements)
  • The Computer Misuse Act 1990 (Its purpose and 3 offences)
  • The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (Its purpose)
  • Creative Commons Licence (Its purpose and 4 main types)

Now I would like you to answer the example question shown in the video in your book. Remember the question was:

“Fred has a small farm that provides fresh produce to local customers. He intends to set up a new website featuring his produce and allowing customers to sign up for a weekly deliver to their home. What are the legal issues Fred should consider?”